Entry #4

Im on Steam!

2014-04-22 05:42:08 by EliteMK3

Hey guys, so after being a Steam Member for 1 month i decided to go to NewGrounds, create this post and find some people who also have steam accounts!

My Profile Page















As you can see this is my Profile Page, Still new, Not much happening, Still an F2P, 1 Friend...

This is the reason why i made this post to find any people who have Steam Accounts, and play TF2.

if you want to friend me on Steam, do it.


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2014-04-22 06:50:05

Add me

EliteMK3 responds:

Whats your username?


2014-04-22 07:11:42

For a second there, I thought you had released a game on Steam.

EliteMK3 responds:

I don't have any games created by me :P