Im on Steam!

2014-04-22 05:42:08 by EliteMK3

Hey guys, so after being a Steam Member for 1 month i decided to go to NewGrounds, create this post and find some people who also have steam accounts!

My Profile Page















As you can see this is my Profile Page, Still new, Not much happening, Still an F2P, 1 Friend...

This is the reason why i made this post to find any people who have Steam Accounts, and play TF2.

if you want to friend me on Steam, do it.

Meanwhile in Heavy's mind

2014-03-26 22:00:05 by EliteMK3


Saaaaaaaanviiiiiiiiiich*Saloob ng isip ni Heavy









Aint animating yet.

2014-02-28 23:47:42 by EliteMK3

Im a huggable deal with it, And no im not gay.A big thanks to: Ultrabi, For the sprites.


The only thing missing, is a program to make animations (If your going to say Windows movie maker, No that program is crappy) if its anything like "Photoshop cs_" it'll work.

PM Me if you know any animating programs (Except WMM) that will work with Madness combat Sprites, Also credit to the person who first sends it, and will be added in the description OR star in my very first animation.


2014-02-15 11:34:08 by EliteMK3

If you are reading this post, you would be thinking "Why am i reading this?" or "Why did i click/View this?". But what you dont know is... im just saying hi to everyone.